​​Hi There!
Jamie Jones Here...

​​--> I never thought I would Ever Loose my JOY, but I did.
​--> I never thought I would have postpartum depression, but I did.
​--> I never thought I would be where I am today, but I realized I have to RedeFIND my joy again.

We all want more Joy...but why is it so hard to find & for it to stick/stay? Well. Joy is a state, an attitude. A Journey. What brings me Joy, doesnt bring you joy, but you can find it, specific to YOU. I've  lostmy JOY, I've lost me.
​But I found that Joy again, and now want to spread that Joy to a world that desperatley needs it.

I can help you find that JOY AGAIN-Click the one-on-one coaching tab!